Bobby Lopez

Instructor/Bilingual - English & Spanish

Bobby Lopez is a prior European PGA pro with over 43 years of experience. He has taught all over the world and for many years in the Richmond/Fredericksburg area. His technology and methodology of instruction are world renowned and he has students in numerous countries around the world.

Bobby saw first hand the effects of alcohol on both golf game performance and high risk potential disasters on the drive home. That’s why he was motivated to become a TIPS and Last Call certified instructor in both English and Spanish.

When it comes to the Spanish speaking restaurant employee one not only needs to speak Spanish to communicate but also be able to communicate to them the differences in culture about drinking as a whole and how the legal process will affect them and the business they serve. So many are unaware of the personal liabilities they face as the server as well as the business owner.

In just an instant, lives can be changed forever. That is what drives me to instruct golf courses/country clubs and other area businesses with Last Call and TIPS training for their employees. Last Call training can save lives and I receive a special satisfaction knowing I have made a positive impact on your employees, your business and the patrons that enjoy your services, safely!