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In December 2015 Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control approved Lisa Wright’s self-authored course entitled ”Last Call” as one of very few that are approved through the Code of Virginia as a mitigating factor when licensees are charged with violations. (see excerpt from Code section  VA 4.1-227).

Last Call combines aspects of all other alcohol/server training programs and puts it into one concise course of study for managers, servers, sellers and bartenders whether for ON Premise or OFF premise licenses.  The course covers server strategies, alcohol history, BAC, ID checking, absorption rate factors, laws, state regulations and more.

Lisa worked as a VA Alcoholic Beverage Control Agent for 17 years. During that tenure she served as President of the Agent’s Association for two terms and successfully lobbied for two bills through Virginia’s General Assembly.  She worked cases on underage possession and consumption, contributing to the delinquency, underage alcohol related fatalities, money laundering, hidden ownership, tax evasion, gambling, illegal alcohol, tobacco laws and more.

During the entire time she was employed by VA ABC she instructed TIPS, RSVP, MART and many other server classes.

Lisa holds a Masters in Adult Education and currently instructs at police academies, restaurants, private clubs and other locations.

4.1-227. Suspension or revocation of licenses; notice and hearings; imposition of penalties.

1.   In suspending any license the Board may impose, as a condition precedent to the removal of such suspension or any portion thereof, a requirement that the licensee pay the cost incurred by the Board in investigating the licensee and in holding the proceeding resulting in such suspension, or it may impose a civil penalty not to exceed $1,000 for the first violation, $2,500 for the second violation and $5,000 for the third violation in lieu of such suspension or any portion thereof, or both. However, if the violation involved selling alcoholic beverages to a person prohibited from purchasing alcoholic beverages or allowing consumption of alcoholic beverages by underage, intoxicated or interdicted persons, the Board may impose a civil penalty not to exceed $2,500 for the first violation and $5,000 for a subsequent violation in lieu of such suspension or any portion thereof, or both.

2.  Following notice to the licensee of a hearing which may result in the suspension or revocation of his license, the Board may accept from the licensee an offer in compromise to pay a civil charge not exceeding $5,000, either in lieu of suspension or in addition thereto, or in lieu of revocation.

3.  The Board shall, by regulation:
Provide for a reduction in the length of any suspension and a reduction in the amount of any civil penalty for any retail licensee where the licensee can demonstrate that it provided to its employees alcohol server or seller training certified in advance by the Board.

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