I have always relied on Lisa Wright to provide us with positive insight i all matters pertaining to alcohol sales to our members. She brings a fun and realistic approach to training and her vast knowledge of situations is priceless. We recently had her come to re certify our staff and the outcome was fantastic. I highly recommend this company and ALL they can provide to you.

Fredericksburg, Va.   

Since 2004 we have conducted five TIPS classes at Hard Times Cafe – Four Mile Fork. Lisa Wright’s class was, by far, our best class. Her knowledge of ABC law made her a great choice for instructor, she not only taught TIPS, but offered so much more about VA ABC laws and fake ID’s. She opened our eyes to the risks of alcohol service and the best ways to responsibly provide good service while protecting our ABC license. It was money well spent.

Hard Times Cafe - Fredericksburg, VA   
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The TIPS class is very informative and helpful. I feel it is a MUST for all bartenders. It provided me with the knowledge to analyze situations and the best way to deal with them. It way surpassed my expectations! Lisa was extremely knowledgeable and was able to answer every questions asked of her. I highly recommend this class for all businesses serving alcohol!

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I have owned Brocks Restaurant for many years. Our ABC license is an important and irreplaceable aspect of our success. We hired Lisa Wright to instruct TIPS and her background as a VA ABC agent was perfect. Our employees not only learned about TIPS but she added extra infromatoin on VA ABC laws and regs and fake IDS. I had my employees attend this trainng so that they would understand the repercussions for them and the license. They now take a more active approach in the safe sale and service of alcohol. Hiring Lisa was money well spend in protecting our license and our business.

Owner - Brocks Restaurant   
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I just sent staff to this course authored by prior/retired ABC Agent Lisa Wright. It exceeded all expectations and surpassed other courses usually utilized for training employees in the restaurant industry. It was thorough and user friendly and we feel very confident in our understanding of the laws and regulations and more! Highly recommend this class and Lisa's expertise to anyone with an ABC license and they could have offered it in Spanish as well! Amazing!

Spotsylvania VA   

As a home brewer sometimes the rules are a bit cloudy. I appreciate the advice and knowledge you gave me for our home brew club.

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You will not find anything better in the area than this class! Lisa gives your real life knowledge to use in day to day operations. My staff certainly feels more educated when it comes to VA ABC laws, which makes me feel more confident in the safe serving abilities. I feel that every business owner should have their management team and staff take this class - you will not regret it!

Fredericksburg, VA   

I took this class and what a difference it makes having someone who has “walked the walk” as an ABC agent and who is a top notch trained instructor. TIPS information is good but when coupled with the expertise of someone who has investigated and enforced the laws it was even better. I now feel empowered by knowing what is acceptable or not, how to handle situations and most important the exact repercussions if I do not. This is money well spent.

Fredericksburg, Va