What We Offer


Getting Started

Allow ABC Tipster to guide you through the laborious and often confusing application process.  Whether you need your ABC license, an extension,  a one day license or assistance with any other requirement we are here to assist you.


There are many checks and balances to keep your business in compliance. This ranges from VA ABC, Health Department, Charitable Gaming and more.  ABC inspections and underage compliance checks are just a few.  Allow ABC Tipster to conduct mock inspections and underage buy attempts so that you can determine if your staff is following the law.  We can look at Happy Hour advertising, menu items, pour practices, seller strategy, ID techniques and more.  We will conduct these challenging visits and then review the outcomes with you and your staff for a positive learning experience.


Once you are open it is imperative that your staff knows the laws and ABC regulations. Your license is your gateway to success and carries serious responsibilities. Ensure that each member of your team knows what VA ABC allows and how best to deal with problematic customers & situations.

We teach server strategy, the law, fake IDs, BAC and factors affecting BAC, retail and wholesale industry information and more. It can ensure your future. It also often grants you a reduction in your insurance costs and can help mitigate some ABC fines should a regulation not be followed. Contact us for which class is best for you!

In addition to Last Call training and TIPS training we also offer the following services:


License application and filing

License application and filing for retail banquet, one day special event, renewal, updates, extensions – ABC paperwork can be overwhelming and intimidating and often stands between you and your business getting started. Let ABC Tipster guide you through the process and help you obtain your license, extension or permit faster and with more accuracy.

Happy hour violation prevention

Happy Hour information has always caused confusion with licensees and can become the source of serious violations.  In addition, laws have also changed leading to even more misinterpretations.  Let the experience of prior ABC Agents guide you on best practices.


As licensees go through the course of their everyday job they often do not have time nor opportunity to hunt down answers to questions that arise. Law books are confusing. ABC TIPSTER can tackle these problems for you allowing you more time to concentrate on your business.

Referral to Prominent Legal Counsel

Should a serious criminal or administrative violation take place at your establishment you may find the need for legal representation. Your ABC license is essential to a successful business and you do not want to lose it temporarily or permanently.  We have teamed up with one of the best attorneys in the state of VA and will be happy to arrange for a first meeting.

Inspections and compliance checks

Testing the establishment is a perfect way to ensure that you are in compliance with all ABC requirements and also identify any weaknesses. We will come to your business and conduct the equivalent of an ABC inspection to ensure you are in compliance.  We will also arrange for “young looking” customers to come into your business so that your staff can be challenged on their ID checking practices.

Guidance with administrative hearings and appeals

If you have been charged with an ABC violation, we provide training and consultation to help guide you. Our team includes Virginia’s longest serving administrative law judge who presided over thousands of cases at VA ABC before recently retiring.

MBAR/Food to Beverage Ratio Advisement

In Virginia it is the law to achieve certain percentages and dollar amounts in food sales. This can be confusing while preparing your menu selections, your register/computer’s keys and more.  Let us guide you on how to conduct your operations and prepare your annual MBAR.